Only 12% of all employees in the ICT are women. Why?

According to Schoemaker, member of the city council in Heerhugowaard and social media manager at IDG, there are five major causes. The two strongest are the macho culture and a lack of flexibility to combine work with taking care of children (Schoemaker, 2015).

At Groupe OPEN, in the Netherlands, four departments are run by women; finance, recruitment, human resources, and marketing. How is it that in general, women do not feel at home in this sector while we do?

In my opinion, there are a few important reasons. First of all, hard work is rewarded with additional flexibility and responsibility within OPEN. Second, well-involved management and great colleagues.

As a young woman in the ICT sector (who never expected to work in the ICT), I can say that more women should give it a try! IT is more interesting and fun than you could imagine, if you find the right company.

- Priscilla Hoppezak, Marketing Professional at Groupe OPEN Nederland

A mix of French and Dutch colleague's during OPEN FOOT

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